Albany Business Review, Reporter
Albany, NY | November 2014-present
• Write two to four exclusive business stories per day for morning and afternoon emails
• Research and write long-form (+1,500 word) cover stories that explore a range of topics, from the challenges women executives face in the business community to Albany’s software skills gap
• Beat reporter covering money (banking, venture capital, mergers & acquisitions), technology (software, startups, nanotechnology, digital marketing) and restaurants

The Portland Press Herald, News Intern
Portland, ME | June 2014-September 2014
• Pitched general and enterprise news stories
• Wrote three to four news stories per week
• Covered Pres. G.H.W. Bush’s 90th birthday parachute jump, Maine primary elections and a profile of a woman who was in the French resistance, which ran as an A1 Sunday centerpiece

The Lowell Sun, Statehouse Correspondent
Boston, MA | January 2014-May 2014
• Pitched general and enterprise policy and political stories
• Wrote two to four stories per week, many on A1
• Engaged readers on social media, photos, video and live-tweets
• Covered 2014 gubernatorial election, GOP convention, Marathon Monday, state opiate crisis
• Maintained contacts in Massachusetts political community

90.9 WBUR, Newscast Intern
Boston, MA | September-December 2013
• Researched and wrote breaking news copy using NewsBoss
• Recorded interviews and selected audio cuts
• Interviewed Gov. Deval Patrick, Ed. Commissioner Mitchell Chester

Thomson Reuters, AlertNet Intern
London, UK | February-April 2013
• Wrote stories on the humanitarian impacts of climate change
• Attended conferences and spoke with climate change experts
• Stories syndicated in the Guardian, Business Daily Africa, etc.

The Daily Free Press, Editor-in-Chief
Boston, MA | December 2011-April 2012
• Managed a staff of 15 editors, 50+ writers
• Edited about 30 articles per day (news, sports, opinion, features)
• Created and led a workshop for new staff writers
• Made final editorial decisions and laid out paper using InDesign

The Albany Times Union, City Desk Intern
Albany, NY | May 2011- August 2011
• Pitched ideas and published about five stories per week
• Developed interview and spot news reporting skills
• Created contacts within the Capital Region